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This was one of the first projects I led at ’47.
It presented a unique opportunity for the brand to leverage new partnerships, collaborations, and new factory developments to showcase advancements beyond their normal product offering. The goal was to show licensors (the NFL) that ’47 could do more than what they had been known for up until that point.

With the final assortment limited to just 5 pieces of headwear and two interconnected stories, you will see the conceptual and product development that went into building this collection had some excellent attempts to create something new and innovative while still offering elements of nostalgia and regional awareness for Super Bowl 51 in Houston.

Ultimately, with the help of marketing, and their booth creation for the NFL shop, the project was viewed as a success for brand and product as even some of the woven techniques I pushed the factories on were later adopted into ‘47’s inline future programs.

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Albizu Clemente Rondon
Design Director | Headwear, Apparel, Accessories Designer | Illustrator Framingham, MA