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New Era XC 90th Anniversary Toy Concept

At New Era, sometimes blank caps were used to draw on to test new ideas. Over the years, doing so many, I wanted to challenge myself for something new.
Some of the designers and I wanted to create a little mascot to hopefully be made into a vinyl toy. It never really went beyond initial design toy sketches seen here with pattern fills from iconic cap designs . I thought I’d bring this initial sketch back and actually create it using the 90th anniversary materials.
This ‘Lil’ Guy,’ or ‘Panel Guy’ is all made from one cap, three long rods, and a hefty helping of glue. Every part of the cap was used, with leftover stitching even used as his heart, back panels and lining are his legs; mid panel, lining and visor board are his torso; front panels and visor are his arms; visor and under visor are his head; and the buttons a nose.
Still, I always wanted to do the vinyl toy version....

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Albizu Clemente Rondon
Design Director | Headwear, Apparel, Accessories Designer | Illustrator Framingham, MA