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Red or yellow? Right or left? Up or down? Front side or back side? Place colours as you like now, you can easily change them later with ChaCôté. Moreover it is a low budget design.
A special (low budget) modular bookshelf which divides the room, still letting pass the light trhough. Moreover it is a low budget design.
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Furniture Design - Interior

ChaCôté equals to versatility.
It is a modular partition screen made of painted wood (or MDF) and colour/white translucent PMMA sheets. The special design of the structure’s elements gives the user freedom to change the position of the PMMA sheets without the need of dismantling the whole structure!
In this rendering it is shown a custom-made version of ChaCôté, which embeds a door and includes 3 cabinet spaces.

Simone Pallotto
curiosity drives innovation Bruxelles, Belgium