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terra - CD holder made of two types of cantera stone. The project was developed along with the artisans from the region of Queretaro in an attempt of promoting the value of artcrafts, innovation and the creation of new designs with traditional materials and techniques.
swing - Floor magazine holder conceived for being personalized. Part of the collection "Objetos Consentidos", exposed at the store Espacios in Queretaro, Mexico.
ikpalli - Folding chair made of wood boards joined together by stripes of cloth. The design is based on a traditional mexican toy known as "tablitas magicas", or magic boards.
movilidad para todos - Preventive wheelchair designed for children from 5 to 11 years with cerebral palsy. The project was developed for the institute Nuevo Amanecer in Monterrey, Mexico. The wheelchair is designed so that it can be manufactured at the school's workshop in a short period of time.
catalina - Three piece livingroom designed for small spaces. The cushions from the back can be taken our and be used as a table, laptop support, or as an extra seat if placed on the floor. Team project.
forlav - Food preparation area for reduced spaces composed by a cooktop, a surface for preparing the food, a sink and an aluminum grid that provides and extra surface when needed.
salesdesk - Salesdesk designed for the store Servillantas Goodyear Irapuato. The desks may be disposed individually or in sets of 3 or 4 units.
stand - Promotion and purchase oriented stand designed for a gardening center. The stand includes natural materials, as well as spaces for attending, exhibiting and storing products or accessories. The project included a promotion strategy for the gardening center.
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Industrial Design
Paola Solorio
Industrial Designer St. Gallen, Switzerland