Target Users/Personas - this personal project was created for an Asian dense populated environment; my target users are the younger generation who in the future will be able to contribute to a sustainable society
Research - the realization of depleting oil production will inevitably force society to search for alternative resources; after researching the annual income of my target users, I found that 40% of their income paid for transportation costs--there is a need to design an alternative way of transportation which is affordable for them
Current Market - the current market does not offer a device that is an appropriate design for young adults
Steering Ideation - a study of unique steering was developed to find a way that was appealing to the young adults
Body Concept- "transforming" - I created a cube study to help me develop a body concept design that was appealing to the young adults
Body Concept Ideation - the cube study helped me further develop the overall body design
Marker Ideations - orthographic marker ideations
Final Model - the final model steering was the concept of "skiing"; this type of activity is familiar to my target users and the overall body had a deconstructed, transforming look.
Dimensions/Measurements - my argument for this device is that its compact size would be able to fit into an elevator so the user could take their device up to their apartment; the overall length was the same size of a mother and her baby stroller (people who generally use the elevator). This device also fit different sized users; a 6-foot user could just as easily use this device as a 5-foot user
the initial redesign's footprint was too large and bulky
Senior Thesis Redesign: Concept B - this concept had 1/2 the footprint size as the first redesign to make it more compact for a single user
Transportation Device Second Generation
Transportation Device Second Generation
Transportation Device
Sarah Park
Passionate Designer San Antonio, TX