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Chainsaw Monkey - Deere Homestead magazine

“My neighbor hired a man to cut down some backyard pines. The man climbed up a tall, skinny tree which started it swaying from side to side. Then he held onto the tree with one hand while he used the other to lunge out with a chainsaw and cut the top off a nearby tree.”

Yikes! I imagined how a one handed saw wielding madman would look. He’d have a wildly arcing arm with an out of control gas powered toothed cutting machine at the end.

In my minds eye, curving arms plus a monkey equaled a “Barrel Full of Monkeys.” Maybe you’re as old as I am and remember the game from the ‘60’s?

My solution became the most curvilinear, crazed and dangerous monkey ever seen! By drawing him in Adobe Illustrator using hard edged digital lines, I plasticized the monkey and paid homage to that game of my youth (and the crazy guy up a tree).

Paul Lange
Illustrator Orion, IL