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Crime in the Country - Successful Farming magazine

“Like many farmers, Sanderson’s capital is spread over many acres.”

This was a two page spread with a clever type treatment on the right page. The full page photo on the left just couldn’t compete. Matt Strelecki, the designer at Successful Farming had initially proposed using closeup stock photography of a lock being cut with bolt cutters.

The article talked about locks but the real issue was how easy stealing from a farm could be. I felt pulling back and emphasizing the isolation of the farms was the answer. The open gate replaced the cut lock.

Matt’s treatment was graphic so I designed using simple shapes and strong color. A blue sky might have been more obvious, but red gave this landscape the required sinister feel. I scanned a worn piece of brass and used that to create the constellations in the night sky.

Paul Lange
Illustrator Orion, IL