A vintage 1890 Singer TS210 Black Eye Machine, seen here set to "half punch".
Here is the TS210 set to "full punch" with a customer who may not have the sand to go through with it.
Ah, the very popular Theodore Roosevelt black eye and another satisfied customer.

A little more than you bargained for, eh friend??
Here is the TS210 Black Eye Machine Kit, complete with life-like high quality indian rubber hand casts.

This particular kit includes the fists of Abraham Lincoln, John Wayne, Billy The Kid and Rosie The Riveter, but the choices are nearly infinite, from Charles Lindbergh to Babe Ruth, we've got you covered.

The Deluxe Kit includes the hand of Moe Howard and the sweet spot of a Major League Louisville Slugger bat.

All kits include an extra Shine-o-maticâ„¢ torsion spring crank and torsion spring oil.

You simply can't afford NOT to have one of these units in your drinking establishment, inquire TODAY!
Misc Sketches

Some miscellaneous sketches.

Paul Osimo
Senior Industrial Designer Providence, RI