Character art for Home Depot's battery station, 3D visualization by 10Red Design
Character concepts for a Pringles snack aisle... "Gotta have 'em!"
I partnered with Mars Hill Network to publish a promotional Christmas comic book that I produced- this was sponsor-funded and an overwhelming success.
Character designs featured in advertising animation developed for HandHeld Products
Leviathan is a wild roller coaster ride in Canada Wonderland. I was contacted to design t-shirt concepts with a sinister appeal. "Ride the Monster" is the call to action and the challenge ... if you dare! I developed the original drawings and design. Scott Brooks, Mike Brokowski and Brittany Lockwood provided the finished work in this series.
Character art created for Omnipoint digital cameras for little girls. A second version of the Pixie was developed to capture the Latina audience. Package design by Carrie Coyne.
Hero and villain concepts for a comic book series
Super villian design for comic book series
This is part of the development of a Disney Interactive project that taught English as a second language. I served as the Creative Director on the project, and also developed the story, game design, story boarding, background illustrations and the overall UI/UX. John Bloom was our Animation Director and Animotion Inc delivered the character animation.
American Greetings contracted me to work on a number projects from design, concept roughs, drawing and inking. Here is a sample of inking with their CareBears property published by Scholastic.
Before I became the Creative Director for MyWeb's REE app I was contracted for the package design of their first product. This included all materials in the box as well as the illustrations and copy writing. The client was delighted saying, "It looks like a big lollipop!"
Dr. Destructo was a special promotional comic book designed for Auburn Alliance's Trunk-or-Treat. Hey, don't worry the bad guy turns good in the end!
Character concepts of fun little illuminated creatures for Energizer
The Four Story Building was a novelty kids book that was it's own POP display. The product stood 30" tall with 4 book velcroed to building. Each story had a cross over to the other books.
It's Zapman and his sidekick Wonder "the boy who wonders" ! This is fun personal project with using a Nickelodeon style for a comic book.
Character art for an anti-smoking campaign. The take away value: Don't Smoke!
These 2 characters represent evil bacteria in a presentation about the virtues of probiotics.
Character designs for a retail baby and toddler department; Feeding, Saftey, Bathing and Diapering.
Character Art

Character projects in this section were designed for interactive, video, packaging, display, merchandising, advertising and publishing. My intent is to develop a style that specifically communicates to the client's target audience. Some of the clients for these projects are Disney, Home Depot, Adaptus HandHeld, Global Point, Energizer, Random House, Niagara Mohawk and more.

Paul Cammilleri
PAULCAM Communication Design & Development Auburn, NY