End Back Pain & Enjoy Life Again

End Back Pain & Enjoy Life Again is a Doctor's Manual and a Patient guide. Initially written as a text but then I brought in a editor to take the author's script and break it into 2 separate more compact books to make certain concepts were understandable to both sets of consumers. These books have been such a success that Dr. Lesch is not only a sought after conference speaker, but his book out shines anything on the market. The key was to keep the main communication on the optimal result; ENJOY LIFE AGAIN. Our research showed all other books within the industry focused on the process (exercises) not the benefit.

In addition to the positioning in the marketplace, we actually used the author as the main model for all the exercises, and created custom graphics and icons to make the book flowing and easy to read- especially for patients

Paul Cammilleri
PAULCAM Communication Design & Development Auburn, NY