Hope is Alive!

With the epidemic of the opioid crisis hitting everywhere an event to rally the city was developed to help people find freedom from toxic struggles. The problem was that there was just a name and a venue; no organization, no brand, no marketing plan, no communications, nothing to attract an audience to make this event a success. The client contacted me and after listening to her idea I developed a successful strategy to develop a powerful brand, pull in volunteers and launch an array of marketing materials for web, video, print, email, and radio. Advertising ran through various community business. A special workbook was also produced in record time as a give-away. In the end the Hope is Alive! event was a packed with many people driving up to 2 hours in an evening of a snowstorm. From there, Hope is Alive! became an official organization with a Women's Support Group and a team of counselors to help those in despair. Hope really is alive and growing!

Paul Cammilleri
PAULCAM Communication Design & Development Auburn, NY