This set of campus icons are used as emojis with a chatting app. Instaed of students texting where they were going they would simply send the emoji.
Purina developed a packing station in aisle so shoppers could select a variety of flavors for their cats. The packing machine had a built-in monitor with animated gifs to show operation. My task was to supply the animations so shoppers could walk thru the process step by step.
Fancy Feast 3D illustration by Bryan Basher
Animated gifs developed for FreshPet
Icons were provided for Johnson & Johnson to be used as wayfinders in pharmacy departments. what I designed represents; stuffy nose, fever, cough, body aches, and itching eyes.
Pringles' headquarters needed a refresh, my part was to provide fun, gestural drawings that would be used as super graphics on walls throughout their offices.
Icons & Infographics

this section contains storyboards, animated gifs, icons, and illustrations for various clients.

Paul Cammilleri
PAULCAM Communication Design & Development Auburn, NY