Research: Competitor Products - Sketch Study
Development: Concept Ideation
PEEL Citrus Juicer - Final Design
PEEL Citrus Juicer - Final Design
S.I.E.C. CAR SEAT - Car seat and interior for the mature generation, 2015.

Multidisciplinary team project.

Received the 2006 IDEA Silver Award, Student Division.
Daily schedule consisting of activities of an 82 year old driver.
Illustration and explanation of technology utilized in the driver's seat.
3D animation and rendering.
Silver Award, Student Division
CYKLOPS Fire Helmet
Development - Model Construction
CYKLOPS Fire Helmet - Final Design
WAVETEK Computer Speakers
Design - Concept Ideation
Development - Design Refinement
Development - Design Refinement
Exploded View
WAVETEK - Final Design
nSIPIO PDA Phone - PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Mobile Phone for the Young Adult
Development: Concept Ideation
Hot Wheels N2X Video Game Player
ACCD: art center college of design projects
Paul Fu
Industrial Designer San Francisco, CA