2006 - Live With It Original vector illustration depicting organic tree heart sacrificed by artist back to nature
2005 - Respect Your Alders Original Photoshop illustration merging Chinese bamboo sculptures with alder forest
2006 - Connections and Intersections Original illustration depicting ratio of phi applied from infant to planet
2007 - Landscape of Memory Original illustration in color pencil, vector art in Adobe Illustrator
2008 - Live With It Original vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator depicting recurring no-face character as spaceman among galaxy of furniture stars
2009 - Form and Function Original illustration in color pencils/ink, cockroach comprised of military arsenal with soldier in head and gas pumps for antennae
2010 - Patterns Original photo-illustration featuring tattoo art applied in Photoshop to my 1 year-old daughter (note: "Hug Life" instead of "Thug Life")
Live With It poster series

Poster series for Art and Furniture Exposition in Oregon

Paul Huckfeldt
Graphic Designer/Illustrator Ayer, MA