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"Fruitwood Orchards Honey"
Label Design
Fruitwood Orchards "Bee Pollen" Label
Logo Design / Package Design
"Gravity" by Danny Ling
Storybook Layout / Cover Design
"Far From Perfect" by Dr. Stephanie Iglesias
Book Cover Design
"PongTower" Game
Logo / Product Graphics / Package Design
"Astronaut Pen Displayer"
Graphic Design / Virtual Illustration
"Eye Ballz"
Package Design Concepts
"Adventure Time" Mini Games
Package & Displayer Design
"Water Gun Package Icons"
Graphic Design / Illustration / Typography
"USB Missile Launcher"
Box Design Concepts
"Fliwire: Interactive Fiber Optics"
Package Design/ 3D Artwork
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Package Design

This is a collection of packaging designs I've done for studio and freelance jobs.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Paul Micarelli
Graphic Designer Franklin Township, NJ