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"Intro to Yoga" Promotional Graphic
Logo Designs / Graphic Design
Games on the Go / Brochure Design
"Marvel Studios" Trade Show Signs
Graphic Design
Black and the Blues / Band Poster Design
The Dog Park & Café / Brochure Design
"Peace Love Yoga"- Vineland / Chalkboard Sign Art
Nicolosi Foods- Berkshire Black Brochure
Brochure Design / Page Layout
Teja Shanti Kaur / Yoga Teacher Banner Design
"Gravity" by Danny Ling / Promotional Flyer
The Dog Park & Café / Business Card Design
Brer Rabbit Toys - 2015 Catalog
Catalog Design / Page Layout
"5 Star Heating Oil" Promo Postcard
Logo Design / Graphic Design
PongTower™ Game /
Brochure Design & Graphics
Daydream Toy - 2015 Catalog
Catalog Design / Page Layout
1963 Corvette Sign / Graphic Design & Typography
Peace Love Yoga- Glassboro / Chalkboard Sign Art
Daydream Toy- Skytrix Sell Sheet
Page Layout / Logo / Product & Package Design
Briarpatch - Spider-Man Games
Ad Layout / Product & Packaging Design
Briarpatch - 2013 Catalog
Catalog Design / Page Layout
"5 Star Heating Oil" Promo Scratch-Off
Logo Design / Graphic Design
"Games on the Go" NBA2K Video Game Tournament- Flyer Graphic Design
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Promotional Materials

This is a collection of print media I've designed for sales and advertising.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Paul Micarelli
Graphic Designer Franklin Township, NJ