Oil Lamp - The ReMade project is an annual challenge to create a new product from waste or discarded materials. A run of at least 10 items are produced , and sold at Ideal, a downtown Bellingham store. The final design is based on critique from fellow students, faculty, and the store's owners.
Preparation - The bottles are soaked in water to facilitate removing the labels.
Diamond Saw - A diamond abrasive wet saw was used to make the cuts. Several other methods were explored, but results were either inferior or inconsistent when compared with the saw.
Cut Bottles - The bottles prior to sanding and polishing the cut edges.
Components - These oil lamps are made from making two cuts in a bottle, then polishing the edges with diamond abrasives. The upper part of the bottle becomes a reservoir for lamp oil, and is adhered to the bottom half. A standard size cotton wick is used, and the tops are turned from scrap aluminum stock.
Final Oil Lamp
Oil Lamp
Paul Summerson
Industrial Designer San Francisco, CA