Sixth Sense - The goal of this project was to develop an enclosure for the SixthSense prototype technology created by Pranav Mistry, of MIT. Emphasis was placed on designing for the injection molding process, and building an enclosure for a fixed set of real world components.
Sixth Sense Prototype - The technology consists of several elements, a pico projector, camera, and smartphone. They are linked with custom software that allows the program to analyze its environment, accept gestural input, and project digital information back out onto the real world.
Example Uses - Several applications for this technology were demonstrated on Mr. Mistry's site. These included linking the phone dialer to the palm of the hand, as well as interactive content projected onto a physical newspaper.
Persona - A persona was created to guide the application of this technology. Academics and researchers often need to interact with a large volume of both digital and physical information. This technology could provide a bridge between those two elements, and help increase productivity.
Concept Sketches - SixthSense is a wearable technology, and I considered several other wearable systems. These sketches explore various methods of wearing the required components. All sketches were done on an underlay which had scaled components next to a human outline. This ensured that all concepts developed would be realistically sized.
Refinement Sketches - This set deals with attachment to the carrying straps, a release mechanism, and scaled component placement within the housing. A foam sketch model was made to test the stability of the arrangement as the user moved during daily tasks. Due to the increased weight of the lower component relative to the counterpart on top, the set was stable for all positions tested.
Exploded View - Posts were fitted to holes in the circuit boards, and gusseted fittings were included to hold the housing together. All parts were given a slight draft angle to ensure they would be easily ejected from an injection molding machine. The strap serves as a physical and electrical connection between the two units. The upper unit has a wide molded base to help distribute weight and provide stability when worn on the shoulder.
Use in Context - This context rendering shows the unit providing information about a book the user has picked up. The user could access reviews, synopses, and other relevant information instantaneously. The unit can also interface with the library system, to aid in finding books and materials.
Sixth Sense - Academic Research Assistance
Sixth Sense
Paul Summerson
Industrial Designer San Francisco, CA