I don't always have many opportunities to work on interior design projects, as although it's a world that I am passionate about, I don't do it professionally. That's why, when the opportunity arises, I like to embark on these types of projects, and what better way to do it than by working for oneself.

My wife and I wanted an original sideboard for the dining room, so we went to a custom furniture store, inquired about furniture suppliers, and got a couple of catalogs. I selected modules, finishes, colors, and finally made my own configuration in Rhino. Then I rendered it in Blender, did the photomontage in Photoshop, created the technical drawings, and went to the store to order it. Here you can see the real result. We are very happy with it.

I hope you like it.

Pedro Manzanero Villanueva
Industrial designer Madrid, Spain