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Phantom -
I recently had the honor of having Naval Langa, review my art work. He has great artistic insight, and his articles are always well written. I invite you to read his in depth writings, of the great artists listed on his website.

Waves of Arousal - mixed media (acrylic, oil) on canvas
18”h. 24" x w.
date: August 2010
Ideas - The thought flurry process, of creative thinking.

This art work is published in the "Artist Diary" on page 17.
also in The Art of Teaching Words

Artwork: Poetic Flow of Life - Poetic Flow of Life
The Discovery - The act of discovery, exposure to view; laying open just showing.
The Portal of Thoughts- Doors -
Artwork: Veil of life - I see the various shades of tomorrow, engraved in the stars.

by Sylvia Pekarek
Enter - The heart
Sunset - Distracting sunset
Creating in the Flutter
Quest of Perfection - The ultimate quest, to conquer.

I used a sketch that I drew in Anatomy class, in art school, brought in and digitally enhanced it.
Torn - Decisions

*Photographed, brought in and enhanced digitally.
Heart Depth - Multilevel of the heart.
Beginning - Beginning of 09'
Lost - Looking
My Other - Photo of my painting
Part Of Me - by Sylvia Pekarek
Photographed and digitally enhanced
copyrighted property© 2009
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Human Emotions

Art and Poem by Sylvia Pekarek ©2012
Artwork: Stained Glass Heart

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Comments (27)
  • Some amazing work Sylvia.

    8 years ago

  • Thank you so much Mahmood, much appreciated.

    9 years ago

  • Thank you for the wonderful comment Karineh, much appreciated!

    9 years ago

  • very beautiful~

    9 years ago

  • This is like my self portrait so you and I are lot like, thanks for the comment and liking my art.. cheers

    9 years ago

Sylvia Pekarek
UX/UI Designer--Extensive experience in both print & web design. Novato, CA