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Whole Package - Multi Product Packaging

I love to mix and match product features and functions to create new product solutions. Since I started my career with RDLeverage, I wanted to design a package that had a big hole in it and then find ways to make that hole useful. So, I did. This concept orginally began in a gallon milk jug volume. My thought was to use the hole as a way to co-brand the milk by inserting promotional sized cereal packs. After mocking it up and discussing with Engineering, it seemed the sweet spot for this type of combo was in a single serve format. And that's where the concept is currently being developed. RDLeverage applied for a utitliy patent and engineering is continuing its refinement for commercialization. This innovation caused traffic jams at trade shows and brought more people to RDLeverage's booth than ever before. It's also been of high interest to some major brands and discussions are on-going to license the utitly of the product into multiple consumer markets.

Paul Skelton
Inventor - Entrepreneur - Designer - Founder Kansas City, MO