Presentation of Packaging
Production of Pasta
Final Logo
Advertising Board
Presentation of Packaging
Packaging Box
Presentation of packaging
Inside of Packaging
Packaging design
Packaging Design
Logo Design
Logo Design
Pasta Project

For this university project we were tasked with creating a logo for a specific type of pasta. I designed my logo for Farfalle pasta or bow-tie pasta as most know it.
After creating our logo we were tasked with creating a simple process board of how pasta is made using images only.
After this we were tasked to create packaging for our pasta brand to make it original and stand out. After completing this we had to make posters to advertise our pasta brand.

For my pasta brand I decided to focus around using the Italian flag, so on my logo I used the farfalle shape to make up the flag behind a cartoon of a stereotypical Italian waiter. This Italian theme was then continued when I used it for the packaging and also for the pasta itself. My aim was to make an Italian feeling brand so that it would be more authentic and stand out compared to other brands.

Peter Elder
Manchester, United Kingdom