DOLOMIA TR concept

Created to symbolize a new design language proposal for outdoor top brand SALEWA, the #DOLOMIA_TR shoe was thought from original SALEWA motto, "dolomites are our inspiration".

The design process started from the amazing dolomites mountains, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, which are worldwide recognisable due to the beatiful sharpness of their peaks, almost fighting the laws of gravity, sometimes scarily hovering people walking, biking or driving below them.

Extreme roughness of these incredible mountains has been translated into the design language of the #DOLOMIA_TR shoe that features no compromise ultra aggressive and dynamic lines to define an innovative, functional and lightweight product, symbolizing a brand defining its own distinctive style for the future, still having in mind the elements where its roots are well planted.

So, #DOLOMIA_TR name is due to Dolomia mineral which forms dolomites rocks, while TR stands for trail runner.

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Pietro Pellicelli