LIFESTYLE My idea has been to create not just one shoe but two twin shoes, one for performance and one for lifestyle, sharing the same clean and essential design, capable to bring some understated elegance on the court but also a bit of Roger’s flavor on the streets. The use of different materials (+ internal reinforcements) and specific toolings will make the job of making the shoe suitable for everyday wear or peak performance.
ALTERNATE COLOURWAYS Just like Roger’s game consistency on all the different types of surfaces and UNIQLO clothes universal capability to be mixed together to create the desired look, the shoe design had to be capable to work with many different color blocking, from traditional neutral tones to eye popping fluo colors.
FEDERERxUNIQLO shoe concept

After a whole career spent with Nike, Roger Federer's contract with the Swoosh come to an end in March 2018. A few days before his favourite tournament, the Wimbledon championships, Nike deal has still not been renewed and rumors say Roger is close to signing a multimillion dollars contract with japanese brand UNIQLO.
Unfortunately, until now, UNIQLO is not producing performance footwear, so I've thought what it could be if they will start making the shoes for arguably the best tennis player ever.

The design style takes cue from Federer’s elegant, very technical and super clean style of play which make look even the toughest shots almost effort less, just because every motion obtains the maximum efficiency without unnecessary energy consuming gestures. This style is also a perfect match for UNIQLO products which try to combine simple and essential style with the best quality/price ratio possible. 

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Pietro Pellicelli