PumaXX concept

Puma XX was designed for 2023 #lacelesschallenge on Instagram.
This concept revolves around women's feet and to fulfill women's demands in terms of comfort, traction and ball touch.
Main features are:
-studs shape (conic) and geometric placement designed for best traction and to avoid potential injuries;
-thin midsole layer for comfort, especially on hard grounds, with raised shape at heel and medial midfoot;
-upper designed around women's specific last with 2 TPU layers to be elastic and adapatable but strong, providing containment and flexibility where needed, and to provide best ball touch. Upper is available in laceless and laced options;
-sockliner availble in normal and high arch options with similar TPU pattern to enhance sock/sockliner grip;
Puma XX revolves around a "gentle shoe" concept, to improve player's ground and ball perception and to avoid any kind of discomfort.
XX name refers to specific women's chromosomes couple, representing the pure women's DNA of this design.

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Pietro Pellicelli