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relaxation bath with variable volume

year: 2009
client: Roca

My university project.

finalist of Roca Jump the Gap 2009 international

relaxation bath with variable volume - Active relaxation and rehabilitation bath with special features that permit the changeability of water volume and provides a pleasant form of relaxation due to its continual and smooth changes to the ergonomical shape of the structure.Uniquely, in this bath we can experience an unmissable feeling of soft, rippling of the bath floor during bathing or when having a massage. This is a new form of relaxation which we can daringly refer to as „kinetic therapy“.

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Comments (6)
  • Pretty cool idea. Nice for the elderly and people with back problems. Blue or aqua in the color pallete might be a more relaxing color selection. Great work!!

    11 years ago

  • Very nice form!

    11 years ago

  • Good concept! Its perfec for sportcenter!

    10 years ago

  • I like this! I think, with change of color and scene has more relaxing effect

    9 years ago

  • this is really Great!

    9 years ago

  • Thanks for positive reactions. Of course colour is just for highlight - that is something new.

    6 years ago

Petr Kubík
kubikdesign Brno, Czech Republic