Heima - From Smart Home to Sensible Home

Translating the user's emotional state based on biometric data and emotional profiling into a personalised positive atmosphere, Heima elevates the smart home into a sensible home. Heima was created as part of my Thesis Project together with FLUID Design.

Our life is shaped by an increasing pace and a strong symbiosis with technology. Especially millennials with their emotional evaluation of the world desire a space that helps to unwind. They need a home that helps them cope with their day-to-day challenges in new ways. They desire a personalised space of well-being.
Yet, smart home products today are focused on automating chores only. So we asked ourselves: how can we respond to these needs and opportunities?

As the first sensible home controller, Heima is able to regulate all connected smart home devices such as thermostats, window blinds, lights or music systems.

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Philipp Emrich
Industrial Designer Berlin, Germany