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"IKB" is a museum exhibition concept that celebrates the life and work of the artist Yves Klein. For this design concept, I created digital renderings of an environmental signage. The purpose of the design is to welcome the audience and attract visitors’ curiosity before they enter into the show. Inspired by the artist’s photomontage, "Leap into the Void," I used his silhouette in extension as a visual pattern that I combined with typography. Here, the design becomes site-specific by using the top corner of the entrance to signify Klein’s famous jump. To recall the artist’s minimalist aesthetic, I deliberately selected a sans-serif typeface commonly used and I emphasized the white space around the characters. The color palette is reduced to Yves Klein’s favorite monochromes: pink, blue, and gold. I wanted to contrast the matte pigment and the shiny gold letters superimposed on the wall to make it visible from a distance.

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Philippe Sakaian
Digital + UI/UX Designer New York, NY