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Museum Display

"Museum Display" is a design concept tailored for a cultural institution. I created an animation—to be displayed on tv screens in portrait orientation—that informs visitors about new exhibitions, screenings, educational programs, and building amenities. By default, an index lists all the events offered to the public. Then, a set of full screens promote what is currently on view on each floor. The goal was to conceive a design system and a template that could be easily updated over time. I used a primary font for the identity of the institution and secondary fonts that reflect the artists’ work and themes. Curated for a multicultural audience, I combined a diverse selection of interests ranging from Old Masters, Modern Art, cinema, architecture, and performance. While my objective was to capture a vibrant and modern atmosphere at the museum, I was also eager to inspire people’s curiosity for the arts in general with engaging design.

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Philippe Sakaian
Digital + UI/UX Designer New York, NY