Playa 421 | 2001 - Feeling lucky? Still hungry? Roll a double six to score a bite. Thanks to its retro curves and enamel-like finish, the Playa 421 will earn a spot on your Cassini table as well as your formica barstool. The idea is to win small tapas hidden in the central container by playing dice. Set up your own rules, such as a double wins a bite, and roll the dice to the spring rolls. The stylish toothpicks make it easy to cash-in your winnings!
Short paille | 2001 - Size does matter. This is THE time that your guests will hope and pray they don’t get stuck with the short end of the stick. The guest who has the bad luck to choose the shortest pick, fails to snag a yummy appetizer and forfeits his turn! This serving dish keeps your treats piping hot and ready for several rounds of play. Consider serving one dish sweet, one savory.
Vendetta - Vendetta is a much friendlier and entertaining game than its predecessor. Fill the tiny cups with mealballs, cheese, or dore we suggest chocolate truffles, and players return to their ancient, primal instincts.
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Philippe VAHE