Three Wheel Sports Kit Car

The British Kit Car Industry contains 150-200 separate companies together supplying the world with a huge range of designs and innovative solutions. Over time the heritage of kit cars has been to some extent lost, many companies are targeting the higher end of the market which results in high cost vehicles which the average enthusiast cannot afford. The first kit car in the UK was built by Derek Buckler in 1949 and was “inspired by the desire to bring motorsport within the range of a wide market by selling high-quality affordable kits.” A niche in the market has opened to supply a modern, good looking, low cost, high quality vehicle which will have solid heritage values. In effect a three wheeled “ultimate boy’s toy” which will be approachable by 25-40 year olds, giving today’s generation of people the chance to follow their desire and passion in motorsport.

Phil Rogers
Coventry, United Kingdom