Don't Keep All Your Eggs In One Basket - Studio shot to illustrate title
'Love is in the air' - posed shot to illustrate springtime romance
Eileen Donan Castle - Moody shot of this famous Scottish castle
Hiker Silhouette - Contra-jour shot to silhouette sunject for impact.
Rydal Water
Comma Butterfly
Shoal of Blue Tang - This 'shoal' was created in photoshop from 3 individual images.
Worthing Pier at Dusk - Snatch shot just in time to capture afterglow in sky.
Derwentwater Sunset - This was another grab)shot I was driving down a hill and saw this view. I left the car on the side of the road, and just had time to snatch a couple of shots.
Erithacus rubecula - This Robin came close enough to get this shot with a 200mm lens.
Joys of Childhood - This illustrates the above
Horseman of Death

These images are a random selection taken from my stock library, giving an idea of the kind of phots I have available.

Peter Stiles
Peter Stiles Photography & (photolibrary) Bogotá, Colombia