Cartagena Sunset - Cartagena photographed at dusk from La Popa.
Fish Farmers - This image taken from a canoe on the Betania Reservoir
Tilapia (Mohara) Fish farm Repressa Betania Huila I think the structure is a floating storehouse.
Fishing Boats - Canoes used by fishermen on Betania reservoir, taken at late afternoon.
Statue of Salt Miner - Metal statue dedicated to miners at The Salt Cathedral Near Bogota. Taken from low angle for impact.
'The Kiss' This picture was taken on a mountain viewpoint overlooking Bogota. It was published in the Polish version of National Geographic Magazine.
One of Bogota's older shopping precincts taken about 6 years ago.
Various cacti in the Tatacoa Desert Huila Colombia
Tatacoa Desert Colombia - Picture shows bizarre red rock formations thrusting up from surrounding grey soil
Catholic Church Cajamarca Colombia - Picture shows central square and church of a typical Colombian country town
Cartagena - Sunset over Cartagena from La Popa
Archangel statue - Taken in The Salt Cathederal nr Bogota
Betania Reservoir Huila Colombia - View across reservoir to Andes Mountains
Palma de Cera at Velle de Cocora National park department of Quindío. These are the tallest palm trees growing at the highest altitude in the world.
Musicians playing at a typical Colombian restaurant. The dishes comprise mainly meat, potatoes, and a type of black pudding.
Approaching Cartagena from the sea.
One of the launches that bring tourists here from Cartagena.
Beached canoes Juanchaco - Pacific coast of Colombia
A typical trout stream near Cocora.
These replica dinosaurs are on the side of a children's education centre in Bogota.
This was taken at Christmas 3 years ago.
This is a restaurant in Chia selling typical Colombian food consisting of meat, black pudding and potatoes.
Suesca a view across the valley.

These photos were taken during my several visits to Colombia, where I now live. I have been so impressed with the beauty and diversity of this country that I have moved here permanently. I am building up a library of photos if anyone needs pictures of Colombia and Villa de Leyva in particular, please contact me.

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