Three Toed Sloth. These shy peaceful animals are my favourite Colombian Mammals. This one was photographed in the jungle fringe of the naval base at Malaga on the Pacific coast of Colombia.
Cebus capucinus white headed capuchin monkeys photographed on Isla Gorgona an island off the Colombian Pacific Coast.
Hump Backed Whales in the Pacific off Bahia Malaga.
Bat species Bahia Malaga
Female Great Frigatebird FREGATA MINOR diving on prey in the Pacific Ocean.
Great Egret Ardea alba hunting for food Bahia Malaga.
Boa Constrictor (Boa Constrictor imperator) Isla Gorgona a colombian island off the Pacific coast of Colombia. This one is in defensive mode.
This photo was taken on my macro lens about 10 inches from its head.
Basilisk Lizard (Basilicus basilicus) Isla Gorgona.
Blue tailed lizard (Ameiva festiva) in jungle nr Malaga Colombia Pacific coast.
If anyone knows this ones scientific name please contact me. Thank you
Baby lizard in the palm of my hand -about 1 inch long.
baby frog on my fingertip. One handed macro shot at about 3 inches.
Tree frog on house wall See suckers on feet!
Colombian toad Malaga.

These wildlife photos were taken over my various trips to Colombia. They only portray a tiny fraction of the diversity of animal, insect and plant life of this country.

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Peter Stiles
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