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Shoulder brace for Tenortho

The aim of the project is to integrate two main functionalities required by the market according to the most diffuse patient's diseases.
One is the dynamic support of the articulation, the other is the repositioning of the paraplegic arm.
To reach the goal we started designing the material: a thin tryple layer made of a carbon fiber textile, a breathable foam and a velour outside. The first gives elasticity and strength, the second makes the structure, the outer one increases the functionality of the brace.
Once we found the proper material we design the product as a functional taping, to make as easy as possible the fitting on a large variety of anatomical shapes.
To achieve the two different functions integrated in the product we finally studied an external module shaped to be positioned in different ways on the limb.
In this way the elastic action of the brace changes according to the position of this element, allowing the orthopedic to treat the specific pathology of the patient.

Pietro Santarelli
Industrial Designer Saronno, Italy