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Pepsodent Animation - This short animation shows how the toothpaste brand communicate how important oral and dental health.

Adventures in Singapore Game - The game shows many attractive place in Singapore. In the game, you can get information about Singapore's best places for tourism. You can also play quiz and mini games as you adventure throughout the island.

We design the visual looks and artworks for the whole content of the game.
Clear Warriors Animation - This 2D animation shows how a shampoo brand can be developed into short contained story in an animation. We did the character design, story development, and the animation production.
Pepsodent Slideshow Presentatioin - This slideshow animation use 3D render for the artworks. The whose set contains more than 50 slides.
Pepsodent Initiative Print Ad - These are few samples of our print ads. Most print ads that we did combined 3D rendering as element of design.
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