First level floor plan
Second level floor plan
Design Elements
First floor elevation
Second floor elevation
Interior Design

Being a daily commuter, mtber, and road biker, and always building and maintaing my own bike, I realized bicycle shops do not support cyclers well enough. Shops just sell bicycles and get this years in and last year out. This bicycle shop does not sell bicycles. It functions as a hub for bicycle community. Supporting with maintenance, classes, products, and an open workspace/ information center for riders.
Function: Service, mass product selection, info center, public service area, multi purpose public event area ( classes, events, product reps)
Feel: Bike co-op without the dirty garage and broken old parts.Home-style feeling, approchable, informal, community. MADE FOR BICYCLEST not just because they sell and work on bikes.

Patrick Shields
Student Grand Rapids, MI