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Digit Movers
Design Challenge
Existing Calculators
Problem with First Concept
Existing Math Toys
Second Concept
Concept Renderings
Mustang Digital Ruler
Viper Level - As a stand alone, one might ask- why a Dodge Viper for a level? Its a good question. A Land rover or a Hum V would be a better choice. The reason is interaction. A series of sports cars that interact with a ramp truck have a common theme. They are all sports cars that can be carried by the ramp truck. The really fast cars have such a low ground clearance that they need to ride on a level surface anyway.
Ramp Truck Scale
Ramp Truck Protractor
Cadillac Educational Calculator
Development Focus
Reason for Development Focus
First Housing Design
Second Housing Design
Third Housing Design
Further Development
Logo for Digit Movers - This project stresses the skill of further developing an already developed idea with 3-D modeling. Digit movers is concept design for a series of toys that teach kids mathematical principles one car at a time. The idea came about while creating a product for Game and Toy Design class.
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Digit Movers
Nathan Bell
Designer/Engineer Jackson Center, OH