Horizontal Free Keyboard Concept (Yamaha 2013) Identify each single element, find the material that matches each one and juxtapose them in the most reasonable way. In Yamaha DL we believe that the player, his musical instrument and the audience are deeply linked, from the intimacy when the musician sits next to his instrument for practicing to the symbiosis with the audience while standing up on a stage during a concert. Because of an infinite number of situations, a keyboard shouldn’t compel the musician to a unique play style but should bring several layers of expression and stimulate the creativity. The musician must feel free with his keyboard so we decided to abstract any flat reference. Horizontal Free Keyboard Concept is tilt-able from a top flat surface to a diving one. It stands up on the border between versatility and emotion by its shape, the choice of the materials and its configurations.
Horizontal Free Keyboard Concept (Yamaha 2013)
Horizontal Free Keyboard Concept (Yamaha 2013)
YAMAHA, Key Between People (2008, Milano Salone) Key between People, piano shaped by the people. Designed to reduce the distance between the pianist and the audience.
YAMAHA, Key Between People (2008, Milano Salone)
"strings for fingers" is a concept for KDDI summer exhibition. (2009) Yamaha Product Design Laboratory wants to follow two key words : velocity and playability. A new interface with fresh sensations of enjoyment for music and communication, so unlike the dull, lifeless pressure of a keypad.
trio in your hand - "trio in your hand" is a concept for KDDI summer exhibition 2008. A third interface. Instantly broadening possibilities for new expression. A new method is born. Designed for YMO (Yamaha mobile orchestra)
YAMAHA - Sound projector - YRS (2010)
YAMAHA STAGEPAS 400i and 600i. (2011) Product concept: The STAGEPAS features two sleek, lightweight speakers and a detachable powered mixer, along with one pair of speaker cables and a power cord, giving a complete, extremely portable sound solution that can be set up quickly and easily in a variety of configurations and environments. Design concept: Friendly and tough for the transportation / Serious for the performance
YAMAHA STAGEPAS 400i and 600i. (2011)
YAMAHA DXR Series (2012) Product concept: Light weight and high power ! The DXR Series is comprised of four full-range models perfectly suited for front of house sound, monitors, simple amplification, rigged applications and more. Design concept: Smart toughness. The ACTIVE SPEAKER must be impressive in the “stand up" position as much as in the monitor “sitting” position. As much care has been given to both positions. It must look honest from all directions (stage / audience).
YAMAHA DXR Series (2012)
YAMAHA DXR Series / Selected design proposal (2012)
YAMAHA MGP Series (2012)
YAMAHA MGP Series (2012)

Yamaha Design Laboratory

Yves Plattard
Designer Hamamatsu, Japan