Wooden Clutch - A small wooden clutch designed for the nights that you won't be paying for anything. Over 1000 sold. -Gen-Art/Motorola Design Award - Styles 2006 - Best Accessories New York, New York May, 2006 -Veneered Bent Plywood, Stainless Steel, Goatskin Leather *Photos courtesy of Tivi
Wood and Leather Purse - Large purse made from sustainable woods and leather made by a non-toxic tannery.
Resin Bracelet - The bracelet is made of recycled resin with impregnated copper strips. Part of an entire recycled product line. -Resin, Aluminum *Photos courtesy of Tivi
Unisex Jewelry - A jewelry line incorporating various wood inlays. -Stainless Steel, wood inlay *Photos courtesy of Tivi
Accessory design