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"A thousand experiences to give" - Project in which i had to create a corporate image, and manage all of the image identity of a tourism company in
4 days pass - This is a card that is a pass that allows the tourist to take any of the different tours and transportations included.
Cover of the guide - The Guide: it a booklet in which the tourist would find all of the information about every route, every form of transportations, and the places they could go visit with prices.
1st page of the booklet - This was made so the clients get to know all the routes and get familiar with them.
Brand Campaign " a thousand experiences to give" -
The concept was in the beggining, "Bogota mil lugares por recorrer, GiraBTA mil experiencias por entregar.", that mean Bogota a thousand places to look around, GiraBTA a thousand experiences to give."
So what i did was to symbolize this through the wheel, because you can go anywhere with a wheel, and it looks like it has infinite way inside.
Map of the routes
back of the map
Paola A. Reyes
Advertising Student Bogota, Colombia