We've worked on Biogrify for about 8 months. This project is a perfect illustration of Simple as Milk's creativity and of the value of teamwork. A project to which we all contributed, inspiring each other along the way.

We worked on everything from the wireframes, through design and the Ruby on Rails backend development for the app itself. A long and interesting experience as the product changed and developed over these 8 months into the beta child we have now.

Originally only hired to design the themes for Biogrify, we took over the roles of development and sign-up site design. We worked really closely with the team at Biogrify to help them craft their product exactly how they invisioned it, helping to educate them along the way as well as giving advice and suggesting new features and avenues to explore.

We are hoping to work with Biogrify again soon to help them release new features to secure their future in the start-up world.

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David Pomfret
Founder & Designer United Kingdom