Amnesia (painless series)/ 2016-2017 (print ink on cardboard, 70x100 cm) Pooneh Oshidari
Amnesia (painless series)/ 2016-2017 (print ink on cardboard, 100x 70 cm) Pooneh Oshidari
Grandpa/ 2017 (print ink on cardboard, 170x100 cm) Pooneh Oshidari
Amnesia/ 2017 (print ink on cardboard, 80 x 60 cm) Pooneh Oshidari
Amnesia 2017

Time is the essence of this collection, both in terms of the conceptualization and in the development and presentation of these artworks. It is an element that can signify passage of time; it can nurture, kill, reveal or conceal, or eliminate. The elements that appear to be the primary subjects of this set vanish through time. Any growing thing embodies some concept of time. And it becomes stronger and sturdier as it roots. And a tuber that grows roots cannot be rooted out, trimmed, or de-stemmed as it will grow again this time in another part of the plant.

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Pooneh Oshidari
Visual Artist / painter - illustrator tehran, Iran