for freedom expanding living unit - An expanding living unit, designed for the professional urban couple in need of a short break. As practical as it is desirable, it has been designed with sustainability in mind, its flowing form is aerodynamically designed for stability and fuel economy. Its easy handling is due to its compact travelling size and connecting pivot between the car and living unit.
for freedom expanding living unit - The interior has been designed to be easy to personalise. The interior includes a modern style with a very simple finish that can easily be adapted to match the owner’s style and taste. Gone are the standard finishes and stereotypical furniture of existing caravans on the market today. Comfortable as well as functional, it contains a larger seating area and spacious full size double bed. For efficient heating, the walls are made of sandwiched fibre glass with closed cell insulation.
storyboard of forfreedom concept caravan - At arrival this compact living unit opens up with the aid of a sliding chassis and pivot on the one side to dramatically increase the size of the living space. Through the use of an adjustable canopy a private lounge area is created with a panoramic view of the surroundings.
forfreedom concept caravan