Prompt: The Anti-Watch

Prompt is an eyes-free, modern-day, timepiece that keeps you present, focused, and mindful of the person sitting right in front of you. In an age where smart devices are constantly competing for our attention, this helps address that issue.

You've all been in a situation where you're mid-sentence and the person you're talking to checks their phone or watch for the time, or for a text message, or for a breaking news alert. It completely breaks the flow and connection between people.

With Prompt, you can discreetly check the time using a series of vibrations, or check it visually by looking at the LEDs around the perimeter.

Lastly, Prompt's use is versatile. It can be worn on your wrist using a typical watch band and adapter, or be kept in your pocket and held in your hand for more discretion.

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Dave Prince
Founder of PDStudio LLC Saint Paul, MN