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Instagram is a social networking application. Instagram comes with an idea "A picture worth a thousand words". User can share photos and short videos from a smartphone. Using few word in the picture, it helps audience's imagination. People use Instagram for personal sharing pictures or short clips that they like or uses the site for business promotion. Nowadays, with 300 million monthly active users who have shared over 30 billion photos to date, and now share an average of 70 million photos per day (Hootsuite E., 2015). I think instagram is useful and interesting. In my opinion, instagram is useful for everyone especially for businesses. If your target market are people below 40 years old, Instagram is the answer. Also Instagram is free for business advertising.
Reference: (Hootsuite E.(2015).A Long List of Instagram Statistics and Facts (That Prove Its Importance), retrieved from www.

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Prinny Pinklai
Marketing student Perth, Australia