Social media campaigns(1)

This is the social media campaign from Pepsi and advertising agency AMV BBDO name "Unbelievable Bus Shelter/Pepsi Max." The main idea is "unbelievable taste of Pepsi Max ". It was published on YouTube on Mar 20, 2014 with more than 7 millions viewed up until now. They wanted to communicate to the audience that even though Pepsi Max is a no-sugar drink but it still has full of flavour. I like social experiment and the "shocked" reactions from the people at the bus stop. It strikes the main idea of campaign. I like the idea using same fonts on the slogan with Pepsi logo. They just make it different colour on the word MAX which is red. It makes word stand out from the sentences. I also like music in the ads. It goes well together with the ads. It make me feel fun. I love it

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Prinny Pinklai
Marketing student Perth, Australia