pzi jeans web banner advertisement in 2009.
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This is PZI Jeans web banner advertisement for curvy woman in 2009. I chose this banner because I like a simple style in this banner. Producer use realistic models to present product. They uses minimal make up and even their hair style look natural.They show us that every women can wear their jean. It does not matter how big you are. Every models wear simple white t-shirts that make audience focus on their jeans. A lot of writings in the banner subtract from the presentation. It makes the banner looks messy. Front and background's colour do not draw me to this banner. In my opinion, this banner was produced in 2009 so it is quite an old style. I went and checked put their current banner. It looks a lot better than this banner. They changed letter font, colour and banner style. It makes their banner look more interesting.

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Prinny Pinklai
Marketing student Perth, Australia