For the first project I took the Tsingy de Bemaraha of Madagascar as my inspiration. The tall piercing limestone mountains outnumber the trees giving the impression of a dramatic limestone forest. The contrast between the rough grey mountains, the fresh green trees and the soft blue sky was my main concept. I also tried to bring out the characteristics of each of them by creating textures using different materials.
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A translation of an image of the forest, it brings out the contrast between the mountains and the sky. Cotton is used as an extra weft in places to give a soft airy feel.
The previous sample was taken forward, where blue cut pile is used in contrast to the grey flat weaving.
The vastness of the landscape is captured in this piece, where the plush blue dominates the textured grey.
This sample is inspired by the aerial view of the Tsingy de Bemaraha, where the pointed tops of the limestone mountains and the green patches of trees form interesting compositions. Here, crepe paper is used in the grey undulating areas and thin green net is used in the other areas.
A texture of the rocks created using crepe paper. This sample is a back fabric construction, with this being the front and the next sample being the back.
This is the back side of the previous sample, where green net is used to create a soft fluffy texture.
Another texture inspired by the rocks, created using different textured yarns.
This is the second inspiration for the next part of the project. This is a beautiful image of a rocky landscape brought to life by the rays of the setting sun.
A double cloth construction where I have played with the three dominating colours in the picture.
The other side of the previous sample.
The withered and aged feel of the rocks is translated in the following art pieces. The double cloth construction helps in creating puckers, pleats and warp floats. This is one side of the surface.
This is the other side of the previous surface.
Woven Landscapes

In this project, I took inspiration from landscapes and translated them into woven fabrics. These surfaces are more like woven art works than functional fabrics and have a lot experimentation with textures, techniques and materials.
This project has two parts, both having different landscapes as the inspiration.

Priya Pakad
Textile Designer Bengaluru, India