CARVER 59 MARQUIS FLYBRIDGE - As part of a team involving designers from Carver and Bonnette Design, I was responsible for designing and engineering the assembly interface between all the components that make up the superstructure of this yacht. This involved reworking existing Rhino models of the external shell and designing new interior and structural components to finish out the design and facilitate assembly of the structure.
CARVER 59 MARQUIS FLYBRIDGE RHINO MODEL - Client: Carver Yachts, Inc. Rhino 3D Model, Flamingo Rendering Materials / Fabrication: Hand-laid fiberglass, Balsa Core This model illustrates the complexity of forms common to the marine industry and the level of part integration necessary to assemble an integrated whole. At Bonnette Design, we were called on to engineer that integration and provide styling development of the interior and lower helm station of this luxury yacht.
CARVER 59 FLYBRIDGE RHINO MODEL (aft view) - Client: Carver Yachts, Inc. Rhino 3D Model, Flamingo Rendering This boat was the first full collaboration between Nuvolari & Lenard of Italy and Carver Yachts. Richard Thiel, in Power and Motor Yacht (May, 2003) wrote, "No one seemed quite sure how much of the 59 was the work of Italians and how much the Americans, but everyone agreed this 59-footer had raised the bar...for the whole boat building industry."
CARVER 59 MARQUIS SIDE DECK - Client Carver Yachts, Inc. Materials / Fabrication: Hand-laid fiberglass, Balsa Core Close-up of production superstructure highlighting fit and finish.
Tiara 5200 Salon - Client: Tiara Yachts Software: Rhinoceros 2.0 and AutoCAD 2000 The client commissioned an enclosed salon for the 5200 Express Cruiser. The design brief called for a dealer-installed hardtop enclosure, over-scaled sidelights, a large, motorized rear window, and a mammoth sliding sunroof.
PLUG CONSTRUCTION, TIARA 5200 SALON - For this project, the client wanted to develop a set of 2D AutoCAD drawings for their in-house pattern making operations. I generated a 3D Rhinoceros model and cut sections from the model to accomplish this, and served as the on-site liaison providing design updates and project management.
Paul Prodromos
Design Director Holland, MI